Ghost Money is a feature length personal documentary. While most of the shooting is complete, much of the story is animated. Based on the drawings I did as a soldier in Vietnam, the animation will recreate going to Vietnam, learning the ropes and the stormy relationship between Liên and myself. The animation will take about a year to complete with a crew of four working full-time. And that’ll take a lot of money.

Personal documentaries, just like memoirs and autobiographies, start by telling the story of an individual, but through that tale, open up a world to the viewer, and ask questions that are common to us all.

I invite you to become a part of the Ghost Money community. Contributors of $100 or more will receive a download or blu-ray of the film and an invite to the Portland premiere. If you’re not from Portland, there will probably be a showing near you at theater or a film festival, so we will let you know and send you a comp. No matter how much you give, you will get a mention in the credits. Those who contribute $1000 or more will receive special notice in the credits. Those who contribute $2500 or more will receive an original drawing of your choice from those made by me in Vietnam. Through our non-profit fiscal sponsor, From the Heart Productions, your donation is tax deductible.

Please take a look at the materials on this site, shoot me a message if you have questions. Making films is an adventure! Please join us!

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